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My Journey

Cybersecurity is here to ENABLE

This is my CV section. I'll summarize  my background, skill set and future goals at a professional and personal level. I´ll try to keep it clear and concise.


ATTI Cyberlabs - Founder & CTO

 October 2018 - Present

I hold the highest executive position in technology within the company and I lead the technology and engineering department. I'm responsible to develop policies and procedures, and uses technology to improve products and services that focus on external customers. Development of strategies to increase revenues and perform cost-benefit analysis and return on investment analysis. I'm also in charge of making sure everyone feels motivated and have proper tools to fight cybercrime on a daily basis.

IBM Senior Information Security Advisor

2013 - 2018

Customers around the world require advisory on Information Security related topics, this position cover multiple roles, such as being their Trusted Advisor, Audit support, Threat Management, Processes development, Reporting, Regulatory Compliance, pretty much being involved. Provide Multiple Services such as Malware/big data Analytics, Forensics, Network Flow Analtics, Process Automation and Advisory to our clients on Information Security Threats to their Networks based on IDS/IPS logs and others. in every Information Security related scenarios and resolve any relevant findings.

Intel Corp. - Information Security Specialist

2009 -2013

Provide Secure Application Development for Information Security Enforcement and Audit Tasks, Tier 3 on Application Support and From scratch application development including scripting integration and advance analytics for the intranet network flow and the global corporate perimeter defense.

Bank of America - Electronic Fraud Analyst/Investigator Assistant

2008 - 2010

Provide investigation reports on customer complaints about statement anomalies, identity theft, scams, Global Banking Fraud and others. Assist the field investigators providing them with enough information to safeguard the customer privacy and integrity, and prosecute the offenders. 

Esteban Jiménez Ciberseguridad - Public Figure / Social Media Influencer


Since 2009, at a national level, developing the foundation of cybersecurity in Costa Rica, which includes consultancy for the creation of the national strategy, response centers, academic offerings, instructor for the Computer Crimes Section of the OIJ, Frauds, Second Judicial Circuit San Jose, Directorate of Intelligence and Security among others. Consultancy in good practices of information security ISO 27002, knowledge of LOPD, HIPPA, SOX and PCI-DSS, security management, architecture in cyberdefense and cyber-intelligence processes, security in the life cycle of projects, asset management, management of security scorecards, vulnerability management and / or monitoring of audit results. Knowledge of security risk analysis methodologies. Experience in banking entities: knowledge of business aspects, HOST systems, fraud, banking, regulations (money laundering, SecurePay, etc.), Researcher, influencer and developer.

College of Professionals in Informatics and Computing (CPIC) - Board Member

2016 - 2018

Attend all board and committee meetings and functions, such as special events. Be informed about the organization's mission, services, policies, and programs. Assist the board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities, such as reviewing the organization's annual financial statements. Director and Founder of the special investigation commitees including the Cibersecurity Special Commission. Part of the most succesful board of director in the recent years who left the College on superavit and created the Official Research Magazine amongst others.